There’s a story behind every cup

At Olabs Café and Roastery there’s a story behind every cup of coffee that starts from the greatest heights around the world with our passionate coffee partners at their family-owned farms, where premium coffee is the way to go. Just like everything in life, it all starts from the Origins. Therefore, a premium cup of coffee requires a premium coffee Origin. At Olabs Roastery, green coffee beans go through several stages using innovative roasting techniques that allow our team to present various coffee Origins that meet our customers’ needs and preferences following the highest quality standards followed in the field of specialty coffee and roasting.


As we’re inspired to discover premium coffee Origins from around the world, we offer a variety of premium Origins that differ based on several factors such as farm, farm height, and processing method. Our specialty coffee options include decaf coffee, organic coffee, cold brew single Origin, Saudi coffee, and a selection of rare premium coffee beans as we believe at Olabs that coffee is a matter of preference, and our mission is to fulfill our customers’ coffee moods. Olabs Roastery team joins international expertise with a great passion for specialty coffee making. Our team is constantly training to learn the latest roasting techniques to present you the true premium taste you deserve.

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